“Nothing happens until something Moves.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein was right, but you don’t have to be an Einstein to understand the KNS Logistics advantage.
Here it is: We move things for you, we store them, deliver them and make sure it all happens on time, on budget and with the utmost care.

We excel at special requests for pickup and delivery – we’ll even stock your shelves, if that’s what you need.

Every KNS Logistics solution is designed to give you maximum flexibility and total transparency so you always know where you stand.


Our Mission

  • Our People – we respect and value our employees. Because we treat our employees right, they go out of their way to treat our customers right.
  • Our Customers – we exist to serve our customers. Only by satisfying them can we meet our own high expectations of ourselves.
  • Extraordinary Service– our entire business is service, so it’s our number one priority to perform at the highest levels in the industry. Every KNS Logistics employee has full authority and responsibility for delivering complete customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility – we emphasize flexibility and reward our associates for implementing creative solutions to challenging problems. We prefer common sense guidelines to rigid rules.
  • Open Communication– we offer real time, online shipment tracking around the clock, and we welcome customer phone inquiries any hour of the day or night. If something should go wrong, you will learn about it from us first and we will have an alternative solution in hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Because transportation is not a fixed cost, coordinating a transport logistics platform where planners and managers have increased visibility and transparency into the constantly shifting variables is key to reducing overall transportation costs and optimizing the output of resources to ensure the best return in both efficiency and revenue.

Without doubt. The value of a transport logistics solution in enhancing customer satisfaction and service cannot be overstated. While the value proposition internally for manufacturing companies should now be quite apparent, the value externally or in a customer-facing avenue should be easily visible from the start.

How fast your firm’s material moves depends on many factors. The size of the shipment, pick up and delivery locations and commercial flight availability all can factor into the delivery time frame. It is important to understand that even though security procedures have generally become more uniform, security inspections vary from airline to airline and city to city.

Our company is always looking for enthusiastic people for the addition to its team.. you can always drop your CV’s at info@knslogistics.com.pk

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